Saturday, September 29, 2012

break down barriers, ignore limits

Hello blog readers!

This week I want to show you an example of knee ripped jeans. Well, I got these ones from my aunt. After weeks of decent life, this jeans went really wild when a couple of days ago I decided to rip & distress them. All you need are a pair of jeans, a pair of scissors and some inspiration (now you know where you can find it :)).Looking forward to know your opinions and what you would like to see in the weekly DIY section! 

 lots of hugs & have an exquisite weekend!


  1. place tare mult acest outfit!Esti superba!

  2. Rujul rosu e perfect pentru blonde ca tine:)

    1. e perfect pt fete frumoase ca noi, haha :D merci, draga mea!