Monday, October 8, 2012

Inspirational Monday

Hi, guys! How are you today? Hope you had a great weekend!

I guess many of you (including me) would like Mondays to be optional. But, it's a 7th of our life and we have to face it! I prefer to think this day stands for new beginnings and here is my cup of inspiration! xoxo

"Fuck summer. Autumn is better" mood :) because I'm in love with autumn these days!

Coffee Talks - a great way to discover people and new things!

Low Luv jewelry by Erin Wasson 
"I have too much going on in my brain to just be a face, an image, without a voice behind it." Thumbs up for Erin!  

Clothes as home décor!

Out of a magical fairytale installations <3

Great Food Photos on! Don't watch this if you're hungry =)

I would kill for this jacket! >:)

 Tommy Ton for

Natasha Goldenberg!

 Tommy Ton for

The Truth :D



  1. thank you so much for the comment on my blog- glad the cape is getting such a good reception. i love autumn! the seasonal veg makes the food fab- so much tasty pumpkin!
    and warm drinks in knitwear!

    1. ...& great autumn walks :) I'm glad to hear from you, Jodie! xoxo